Why Traditional Telemarketing Fails.

Not providing proof to back up there statements. It’s important that you can back up what you are claiming you can do for a prospect when telemarketing. Calling and saying we can save more time or we will reduce your cost is not a compelling proposition. It is even weaker when you do not go to the trouble of getting material together that proves your statements.

The value proposition (newer, better, faster, cheaper) provides no valid business reason to meet. We have heard it all before usually every day by every company that calls, writes and emails us.

Prospects avoid salespeople, so unless perceived as someone different you will be put in the same box as all the other sales executives that call.

The answer is simple: give them a compelling reason to listen to you. Compelling information is the answer to this problem that many do not take the time to refine and develop.

If your reasons for contacting a prospect are not powerful enough to move someone to a point of interest or action, your prospecting will never be strong. Information is the key to success in most selling situations and prospecting is no different.

What you are selling is of no real interest to the prospect, what they can get from a meeting with you is. If a prospect can get information they can use, that gives them a strong reason to arrange for you to come and see them.

Other professionals feel that merely stating the product or service they provide, and talking about the benefits they offer will get them an appointment. If you are selling IT solutions, insurance, advertising, marketing services, web design, training, financial or legal services, software, commercial real estate computers or one of millions of products and services consider this. 90% of your prospects have no interest in your product or service.

So if you think that simply telling a prospect what it is you sell is enough to stimulate interest, think again.

If you give a prospect information they can use this improves the communication between you and your prospects and clients. This is because you both benefit from the start rather than the prospect feeling he is doing you a favour by meeting with you. You are also building trust by putting you best foot forward (your expertise). You can blow your competition out the water by showing your clients that you are the top experts in your field.