9 Secret Telemarketing Tips On How To Be Successful At Telemarketing

My name is Kevin Timothy, and I have over ten years of telemarketing experience. I have had my ups, and I have had my downs in the industry. With these rides, I have decided to share with you my list of telemarketing tips so that you can become a successful telemarketer.

What is telemarketing? Understanding the concept

Before you just throw yourself into a telemarketing position make sure that you understand its place in the business world. As I have stated earlier, sales is a must for any business to survive. Marketing can best be described as the procedures a business must take to make these sales happen. Telemarketing is just implementing the age-old telephone technology. Imagine being in a time when commerce lacked this convenience. Chances are you’d probably only be canvassing doors just to get some marketing done; and the sales wouldn’t even be guaranteed. Take a pause right now to give thanks for having Mr. Alexander Graham Bell.

Know exactly what it is you are selling

If you want to know how to be successful at telemarketing, product knowledge is key. I can tell you that nothing’s worse than attempting to sell something that you don’t know anything about. Even if you’re a genius at your product, its more helpful if you believe in it, too. I mean from the heart! In other words, don’t despise coffee then turn around and try to market a coffee bean campaign.

Get your confidence in total check

Telemarketing tip number three ties into the previous two. Make sure that you have complete confidence in what you have to offer. I’m sure you’ve gotten a cold call from a stranger before that did nothing but stumble all over him, or herself. It’s not a good look at all. No confidence; no credibility.

Master the objections

One thing I have noticed among the best in telemarketing, is their ability to overcome objections. If you want to be successful at your craft the first thing you ought to do is memorize your rebuttals. These are scripted responses your telemarketing company will have to overcome objections. These are essentially gold. And believe me, you will get lots of objections. One cardinal rule to remember is this; buyers are liars.

Your voice means everything to your paycheck

Perfect your voice inflection if you want the deals. Want to know how to be successful at telemarketing? Present yourself in the mirror every chance you get. This helps your public speaking a lot. And even though you’ll be hiding behind a phone at work, you will be able to see your facial expression. If you’re not smiling; do it! Prospects can tell when you’re not, even if you are hundreds of miles away.

Humility and patience is your friend

Successful telemarketers know; you have to be patient in this numbers game. Always remember that you are marketing, and waiting is the nature of the beast. It took me a good two years into my career to finally understand this. If you’re just getting into the industry the sooner you grasp this the better off you will be. If you don’t take any of these telemarketing tips to heart, be sure to take this one. The owner of that company has leads for your to weed through. And there is money in them; you just have to take the time on each call to find it. Be consistent!

Visualize yourself, and place yourself in the picture

In the beginning, when I wanted to know how to be successful at telemarketing, a wise man told me to use visions. Truth be told, there is plenty of money to be made in the business. A great aid for you will be to keep pictures of the things that mean much to you close by. This could be a child, a convertible Audi, or even a picture of a serene environment. Think coastal Portugal, perhaps. There will be rough days, or even weeks, so you have to stay motivated.

Predict the close, but lose the arrogance

Success in telemarketing will not come if you do not assume the sale. Make a great impression within the first 20 seconds of the call, but act like the prospect is going to buy at the end of the call. Mentally place yourself there, if you will. It really helps big time! Doubt yourself for one second and you will routinely bring home anemic paychecks. And be careful of the condescending caller. I can’t tell you how many times I have turned people who acted like they were not interested into a sale. Of all the telemarketing tips you hear, this one’s a mainstay.

Don’t be crazy; talk to yourself!

We all want to know how to be successful at some thing or another. Before you see results, however, it’s going to start with your affirmations. So what you just got called everything but your birth name. The last call is just that; the last call! Move on, take a break, and repeat positive statements to yourself. Make declarations, too. For example; tell yourself that you will close out the day with two sales. There is extreme power in your words, so pay attention to them.

You have now been equipped with advice on how to be successful at telemarketing. You just have to apply and execute. Just a recap:

1. Understand

2. Product Knowledge

3. Confidence

4. Memorize Rebuttals

5. Voice Inflection

6. Patience

7. Visualization

8. Assume the Sale

9. Affirmations

While others may want to add to these tips, they have been part of my survival guide for over ten years. It’s a war out there, and not much has changed since. Good luck, my friend.

What Is The Secret Cold Calling Formula In Reaching Executives?

The answer is simple and it’s called PERSISTENCE! If your prospect does not call you back, guess what? You keep calling them! If they have not returned your telephone call after the second, third or even fourth attempt, guess what? You keep calling them! According to the National Sales Executive Association, 80% of sales occur between the fifth through twelfth contact and 20% of sales occur between the first through the fourth contact. What do these statistics tell us?

These statistics reveal that the most successful sales reps are those who choose not to give up on their prospects! They understand that those prospects who respond with the “not interested objection” are really asking for more product or service information. They understand the importance of consistent follow-up with their sales prospects. They understand that their prospects will respect their enduring persistence. They understand that their “enduring persistence” may act as a catalyst in their prospect’s buying decisions. What exactly do I mean here?

These prospects (i.e. C-Level Execs, Senior-Level Execs, Directors and Business Owners) that are being contacted are successful for one reason and that reason is due to their “enduring persistence.” Many times our buying decisions are based on more than just the price, features and benefits of a product or service. Our buying decisions can also be based on the person from whom we are buying the product or service. In this case, a prospect who is dealing with a sales rep who has demonstrated “enduring persistence” can quickly identify with this winning personality trait. They will perceive the sales rep as having something in common with them and as a result, they may factor this information into their purchasing decisions.

Now that I have demonstrated that being persistent helps to bridge the gap between you and your sales prospect, now what? You need to constantly remind your prospect of your “enduring persistence” because by doing so increases their awareness of you! This means that if you are leaving a message for them you need to let them know that you are not giving up and that you are not a quitter! Let your prospect know (either on a cold call or by voicemail) that you have been trying to reach them for six months, a year or even something crazy like two years!

Below I’ve included a few lines that you can incorporate into your cold calls and/or voicemail messages. These examples of persistence include the following:

“(FIRST NAME OF PROSPECT), Can you believe that I’ve been trying to reach you for (LENGTH OF TIME) now? Talk about persistence, right?” (pause)

“(FIRST NAME OF PROSPECT), I think I’ve left at least ten messages for you, do you respect my persistence here?” (pause)

“(FIRST NAME OF PROSPECT), You gotta respect my persistence here, I’ve called you so many times that I have no more room in my ACT database.” (laugh a little and then pause)

“(FIRST NAME OF PROSPECT), I hope that you appreciate my persistence here, I’m not one to give up so easily.” (pause)

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